This is an original contemporary painting of a rectangular shape. It is an acrylic on canvas artwork with a brown background. The composition has a beautiful white cow in the background, occupying the majority of the canvas. Overlapping with the cow, on the center-right is Lord Krishna playing the flute while the beautiful Radha dances to its tune in the center-left of the canvas. The figures of Radha and Krishna are covered in my signature style of checks in contrasting and vibrant hues making the painting well-balanced and very attractive. This artwork is from my series "Mythology" Radha Krishna and Cow, beautiful radha krishna, extra large wall art for living room, famous modern paintings, canvas artwork for sale

Radha Krishna and Cow


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Material & Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 1 inches (W x H x D – unframed)
Year of make: 2018
Signature: Bottom left
Shipping Profile: In a cardboard box. Ready to Hang. (Stretched but Unframed) Shipped in approx. 3 working days via a reliable and tracked courier.

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My painting “Radha Krishna and Cow”


Welcome to my page! I will take you on a journey through my original contemporary painting titled “Radha Krishna and Cow.” This exquisite artwork is created using acrylic on canvas with a captivating brown background. The composition is truly a sight to behold, featuring a beautiful white cow as the focal point against a harmonious backdrop. As we explore the painting further, you will discover the enchanting figures of Lord Krishna playing the flute and Radha Rani dancing to its tune.

Their captivating presence is enhanced by my signature style of vibrant and contrasting check patterns, resulting in a well-balanced and visually stunning piece. Let’s dive in and uncover the magical elements of this artwork from my series “Mythology.”

The Composition and Background

As your eyes wander over the rectangular canvas, the first thing that captures your attention is the intricate composition. The carefully arranged elements create an atmosphere of divine bliss. Against the warm brown background, a sense of serenity radiates from the painting, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in its mystical ambiance.

The Majestic White Cow

The white cow, positioned in the background, truly steals the show. With its majestic presence, it gracefully occupies the majority of the canvas. Every stroke of the brush captivates the essence of this sacred animal, a symbol of purity, fertility, and abundance in Hindu mythology. The intricate details bring the cow to life, allowing you to feel a sense of awe and reverence.

Lord Krishna’s Melodious Flute

Moving your gaze to the center-right of the canvas, you will witness Lord Krishna playing his enchanting flute. With each note that resonates from his divine instrument, it seems as if the whole universe is spellbound. The delicately painted fingers caress the flute. The vibrant colors infused into Krishna’s figure evoke a sense of vitality and energy, perfectly complementing the overall composition.

Radha’s Enchanting Dance

On the center-left of the canvas, the graceful Radha Rani dances to the melodious tune of Krishna’s flute. Her fluid movements seem to defy gravity as if she is floating on air. The checks in vibrant and contrasting hues of brown and blue-grey, that adorn Radha’s figure add a unique touch to the painting, creating a harmonious balance between tradition and contemporary art. The fusion of colors captures the essence of Radha’s beauty and grace, inviting the viewer into her world of divine love and devotion.

Captivating Check Patterns

A distinct characteristic of this artwork lies in the signature check patterns that adorn the figures of Radha Rani and Lord Krishna. The intricate and contrasting hues, meticulously intertwined with each other, create a captivating visual effect. This unique style adds depth and dimension to the artwork, making it truly stand out. The intricate checks reflect the duality of life and love, symbolizing the complexities of human emotions.

From the Series “Mythology”

“Radha Krishna and Cow” belongs to my series “Mythology,” where I explore the timeless tales and characters from Hindu mythology. Through this series, I aim to reinterpret and breathe new life into these rich narratives, infusing them with my own artistic expression. Each artwork in the series carries its own unique story, allowing the viewer to embark on a personal journey into the realms of myth and imagination.

Owning a Piece of Artistic Splendor

If you are captivated by the beauty and symbolism of “Radha Krishna and Cow,” you have the opportunity to own this remarkable piece. Titled “Radha Krishna and Cow” and created using acrylic on canvas, this artwork is a true testament to the mystical world of Hindu mythology. Place it in your home or office space, and let the divine energy and artistic splendor breathe life into your surroundings.


Thank you for joining me on this artistic expedition into the world of “Radha Krishna and Cow.”

I aimed to provide you with a detailed and insightful exploration of this painting. The harmonious composition, vibrant colors, and intricate check patterns showcase the true essence of this artwork. By owning a piece from the series “Mythology,” you not only bring unparalleled beauty into your space but also embark on a spiritual journey that transcends time. So why wait? Embrace the captivating allure of “Radha Krishna and Cow” and add a touch of artistry to your life today.

Radha Krishna and Cow, beautiful radha krishna, extra large wall art for living room, famous modern paintings, canvas artwork for sale


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