This is an original contemporary figurative painting of a square shape. It is an acrylic on canvas artwork with an off-white background with a subtle touch of light grey to it. In the center, and occupying the majority of the canvas, is a beautiful young woman sitting in an artistic pose on a grey stool. Her entire figure is covered in my signature style of checks in elegant contrasting hues of red and blue, making the painting well-balanced and very attractive. Through this painting, I capture the graceful and elegant posture and expression of the protagonist who is in deep thoughts of her lover. With a modern-day woman as the focal point, these artworks celebrate her inherent beauty, while also embracing her emotional expressions. Lady 3, female paintings, art paintings near me, beautiful art, artist paintings for sale

Lady 3


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Material & Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 1 inches (W x H x D – unframed)
Year of make: 2015
Signature: Bottom right
Shipping Profile: In a Cardboard Box. Ready to Hang. (Stretched but Unframed) Shipped in approx. 3 working days via a reliable and tracked courier.

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My Painting “Lady 3”


Welcome to a detailed exploration of my painting, “Lady 3.” We will delve into the various aspects and details that make this contemporary figurative artwork truly special. From the choice of colors to the portrayal of the protagonist’s emotions, each element has been carefully crafted to capture the essence of femininity and grace. Join me as we embark on a journey through the enchanting world of “Lady 3.”

The Square Shape and Acrylic on Canvas

“Lady 3” is an original contemporary figurative painting that possesses a unique square shape. This deliberate choice of shape lends an air of modernity and freshness to the artwork. As you gaze upon the canvas, you are greeted by an off-white background with a subtle touch of light grey. This delicate color scheme sets the stage for the captivating imagery that unfolds within the painting.

The Protagonist and Her Artistic Pose

At the heart of “Lady 3” lies the central figure, a beautiful young woman exuding elegance and poise. She sits gracefully on a grey stool, her presence commanding attention. Every stroke of the brush portrays the artistic pose she holds, a testament to the beauty and harmony found in the stillness of the human form. With a subtle tilt of her head and a relaxed posture, she captivates viewers with her captivating allure.

The Signature Style of Checks

One cannot help but be drawn to the protagonist’s figure, which is adorned in my signature style of checks. These elegant and perfectly balanced patterns evoke a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication. In “Lady 3,” the checks are elegantly painted in contrasting hues of red and blue, creating a visual feast for the eyes. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the painting is not only visually appealing but also harmoniously balanced.

Embracing Beauty and Emotional Expressions

Through “Lady 3,” I aim to celebrate the inherent beauty of the modern-day woman. The painting serves as a tribute to her grace and strength, acknowledging the complexity of her emotional world. As you observe the protagonist’s expression, you can’t help but wonder about the thoughts that occupy her mind. Is she contemplating her lover? Is she lost in the depths of her own thoughts? The open-ended narrative allows each viewer to interpret her emotions in their own unique way.

Perplexing Insights and Bursting Language

In crafting “Lady 3,” I sought to offer unexpected insights and avoid clichés. By staying true to my personal style and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, I aimed to create a painting that is truly one-of-a-kind. The bursts of color, the intricate checks, and the enigmatic emotions all combine to create an experience that is both visually stunning and intellectually engaging.


As we conclude our journey through the captivating realm of “Lady 3,” I encourage you to embrace the beauty and emotion that radiate from this exquisite artwork. The square shape, the acrylic on canvas, the protagonist’s artistic pose, and the unique style of checks all come together to create an enchanting visual experience. Let “Lady 3” inspire you to ponder the depths of human emotion, appreciate the grace inherent in the female form, and reflect on the transformative power of art.

About my Series “We Two Together”

“Painting is another way of keeping a Diary” Pablo Picasso. The quote by Pablo Picasso holds immense influence over my figurative paintings. In today’s digital age, where information is readily available at the click of a button, our lives and relationships have undergone a significant transformation. The pages of my life’s diary are filled with experiences of evolving relationships, which I strive to portray through my artwork.

Motivated to stay in stride with the changing world, my artistic focus primarily revolves around the contemporary woman of today. This modern-day woman is a symbol of versatility, fuelled by independence and self-attained equilibrium. She is complete, flawless, and self-sufficient in every aspect and challenge that life presents. Free from the constraints that hold her back, she has the power to realize her true self.

By consistently simplifying the form, I have crafted a universal, absolute figure that represents and relates to all women, irrespective of their differences and peculiarities. The protagonists in my artworks transcend boundaries and divisions, uniting and amalgamating all women through a shared, common soul. This interconnectedness brings women together as a collective force.

Rendered in a controlled and mature color palette, the strong, modern women in my paintings make no attempt to hide or shy away. I consciously choose to refrain from incorporating ornamental accessories and excessive details. This intentional ambiguity enhances the universal appeal of the form, making it relatable to women from all walks of life.

Within my paintings, women are depicted willingly surrendering themselves to boundless affection in some instances, while in others, they emotionally detach themselves from relationships devoid of respect and freedom. Regardless of their choices regarding relationships, these women excel at refraining from pretence and superficial living. Their authenticity shines through their actions.

Fundamentally believing in the equality of gender, I recognize that men and women are integral parts of each other’s lives. However, it remains a well-known fact that women have been historically deprived of their rights and, most importantly, their respect. As a woman myself, I have always strived to give women the importance they truly deserve. Therefore, they take center stage and occupy the most prominent positions in my artworks.

To symbolize the pursuit of perfection within the modern human race, I employ symmetrical forms like squares, rectangles, checks, and butterflies to cover the human figures in my paintings. These geometric shapes represent the desire for flawlessness and balance, encapsulating the aspirations and struggles we all face as individuals striving for fulfillment.

In each stroke of my brush, I aim to create a vivid portrayal of the contemporary woman – powerful, resilient, and unapologetically herself. Through my figurative paintings, I hope to evoke emotions, challenge norms, and ignite a dialogue that encapsulates the essence of being a woman in the present era.

Lady 3, female paintings, art paintings near me, beautiful art, artist paintings for sale


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