This is an original contemporary figurative painting of a rectangular shape. It is an acrylic on canvas artwork with a heavy textured black and red background. Through my painting, I wish to capture a moment frozen in time, by depicting a young and beautiful lady poised between triumph and defeat, while being pushed by a man, and protected by her devoted lover. The entire composition is in bright vibrant hues of orange, red, white with contrasting brown, black and more in a very balanced manner, making the painting very attractive. The main female figure is covered in horizontal and vertical lines which form my signature style of checks. This artwork is from my figurative series called "We two together" Enjoy free shipping on all orders, and bring a piece of lovely collectible art home today. Hope, textured wall art, bathroom wall art, contemporary paintings, buy original paintings



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Material & Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 48 x 36 x 1 inches (W x H x D – unframed)
Year of make: 2015
Signature: Bottom right
Shipping Profile: In a Roll (Unstretched and Unframed) Shipped in approx. 3 working days via a reliable and tracked courier.

Certificate of Authenticity: Included

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About my Painting Titled: “Hope”

In a world filled with challenges and obstacles, hope emerges as a guiding light that sustains us through the darkest of times. It is a powerful force that enables us to push through adversity, find strength within ourselves, and keep our spirits afloat. Through my painting, I wish to capture a moment frozen in time, by depicting a young and beautiful lady poised between triumph and defeat, while being pushed by a man, and protected by her devoted lover.

At the heart of this painting lies a young and beautiful lady, embodying the essence of the present era’s competitive women. She is a symbol of unyielding ambition, constantly challenging societal norms and breaking barriers. Undeterred by the obstacles that come her way, she dares to dream big and strives to make her mark on the world. Her presence in the artwork serves as a testament to the strength and resilience of women in today’s society.

Contrasting the young lady’s determination is a man who represents the challenges and opposition she faces. This man is driven by fear and insecurity, threatened by the rising stature of competitive women. In his eyes, their success means his failure, prompting him to resort to desperate measures in a bid to bring them down. He symbolizes the societal forces that seek to stifle women’s progress, as well as the internal struggles faced by individuals grappling with their own limitations.

Amidst this tug of war between ambition and opposition, the young lover emerges as a beacon of hope and protection for the young lady. He protects her from the man’s push, preventing her from falling and succumbing to the pressure. With unwavering love and support, he becomes her rock in tumultuous times, offering solace and encouragement. The young lover symbolizes the unbreakable spirit of human connection and the power of love to foster resilience in the face of adversity.

Hope, at its core, is the ability to rise above despair and hold onto the belief that better days will come. It empowers us to defy defeat and push forward, even when the odds seem insurmountable. Just as the young lady refuses to crumble under the man’s push, hope enables us to confront challenges head-on, knowing that every setback is an opportunity for growth. It fuels our determination and ignites the fire within us to persevere in the face of adversity.

In our constantly evolving world, women, in particular, find themselves pitted against societal expectations and outdated norms. The competitive nature of the present era can be both liberating and stifling, as progressive women strive to break free from the shackles of gender stereotypes. However, hope acts as a guiding force, reminding us that change is possible and that our unyielding spirit can overcome any barrier. It instills in us the courage to challenge the status quo and redefine our roles in society.

The young lover in the painting epitomizes the power of love and its capacity to nurture hope within our hearts. It is through genuine human connections, be it romantic or platonic, that we find solace, strength, and encouragement. Love acts as a shield, protecting us from the blows of life and providing a safe space where hope can flourish. As we navigate the challenges of the present era, it is through the support of our loved ones that we can find the resilience to face each day with renewed optimism.

I use vibrant hues of red, orange, white and blue in the lady along with contrasting hues of orange and sienna for the men, with a heavy textured black and red background to bring out the best in the composition.

To symbolize the pursuit of perfection within the modern human race, I use my signature style of symmetrical forms like squares, rectangles, checks, and butterflies to cover the human figures in my paintings. These geometric shapes represent the desire for flawlessness and balance, encapsulating the aspirations and struggles we all face as individuals striving for fulfillment.

About my Figurative Series:

“Painting is another way of keeping a Diary” Pablo Picasso. The quote by Picasso holds immense influence over my figurative paintings. In today’s digital age, where information is readily available at the click of a button, our lives and relationships have undergone a significant transformation. The pages of my life’s diary are filled with experiences of evolving relationships, which I strive to portray through my artwork.

Motivated to stay in stride with the changing world, my artistic focus primarily revolves around the contemporary woman of today. This modern-day woman is a symbol of versatility, fuelled by independence and self-attained equilibrium. She is complete, flawless, and self-sufficient in every aspect and challenge that life presents. Free from the constraints that hold her back, she has the power to realize her true self.

By consistently simplifying the form, I have crafted a universal, absolute figure that represents and relates to all women, irrespective of their differences and peculiarities. The protagonists in my artworks transcend boundaries and divisions, uniting and amalgamating all women through a shared, common soul. This interconnectedness brings women together as a collective force.

Rendered in a controlled and mature color palette, the strong, modern women in my paintings make no attempt to hide or shy away. I consciously choose to refrain from incorporating ornamental accessories and excessive details. This intentional ambiguity enhances the universal appeal of the form, making it relatable to women from all walks of life.

Within my paintings, women are depicted willingly surrendering themselves to boundless affection in some instances, while in others, they emotionally detach themselves from relationships devoid of respect and freedom. Regardless of their choices regarding relationships, these women excel at refraining from pretence and superficial living. Their authenticity shines through their actions.

Fundamentally believing in the equality of gender, I recognize that men and women are integral parts of each other’s lives. However, it remains a well-known fact that women have been historically deprived of their rights and, most importantly, their respect. As a woman myself, I have always strived to give women the importance they truly deserve. Therefore, they take center stage and occupy the most prominent positions in my artworks.

In each stroke of my brush, I aim to create a vivid portrayal of the contemporary woman – powerful, resilient, and unapologetically herself. Through my figurative paintings, I hope to evoke emotions, challenge norms, and ignite a dialogue that encapsulates the essence of being a woman in the present era.

Hope, textured wall art, bathroom wall art, contemporary paintings, buy original paintings

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  1. Kevin

    The emotions of this painting are powerful…beautiful artwork

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