This is an original contemporary figurative painting of a rectangular shape. It is an acrylic on canvas artwork titled "Freedom". As part of its composition, it has a beautiful young lady standing in the center of the canvas, in an artistic and relaxed pose. Behind her, occupying the complete background, are a pair of mesmerizing yet prying eyes, watching the carefree lady who seems to be enjoying her freedom. The entire composition is in bright and vibrant hues of red, yellow, orange, blue and more to make a perfectly balanced and attractive painting. The female figure is covered in checks which form my signature style of symetric shapes. Through this painting, I portray that while today's modern-day woman has begun to enjoy her freedom and independence, there are inquisitive eyes watching her every move. This artwork is from my figurative series called "We Two Together". Freedom, expressionism artwork, artwork for living room, best paintings of all time, buy canvas paintings online



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Material & Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 1 inches (W x H x D – unframed)
Year of make: 2017
Signature: Bottom right
Shipping Profile: In a Cardboard box. Ready to hang. (Stretched but Unframed) Shipped in approx. 3 working days via a reliable and tracked courier.

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About my Painting: “Freedom”


This article takes you on a journey into the captivating world of my original contemporary figurative painting titled “Freedom.” With its vibrant colors, artistic composition, and underlying message, this acrylic on canvas artwork transcends the boundaries of conventional art. Let’s dive right in and explore the intricate details that make this painting truly unique.

The Enigmatic Lady

The focal point of the painting, the lady, is a representation of freedom and independence. Her youthful charm radiates through the canvas, captivating the viewer’s attention. Adorned in symmetrical check patterns, she embodies my signature style.

Unveiling the Gaze

Peering out from the background, the eyes in “Freedom” symbolize the watchful society we live in. While the lady revels in her newfound freedom, these eyes act as a constant reminder that her actions are always being observed and analyzed. They represent the inquisitive nature of our modern world, where every step is closely monitored, and every choice is subject to scrutiny.

Perplexity: An Unexpected Perspective

“Freedom” invites viewers to reflect on the duality of our society. On one hand, we celebrate progress and the freedom women have claimed over the years. On the other hand, there exists a sense of unease, as the eyes in the painting remind us that freedom often comes with a price.

The unexpected insight lies in the juxtaposition of the carefree lady and the ever-watching gaze. It prompts us to contemplate the complexity of freedom in the modern world and to question the extent of our true liberation.

The Composition and Colors

In “Freedom,” a rectangular canvas becomes a gateway to a visually stimulating narrative. The painting’s composition revolves around a beautiful young lady positioned at the center. Her posture exudes both elegance and relaxation, inviting the viewer to contemplate the scene. As your eyes wander beyond the captivating figure, you’ll notice a pair of mesmerizing yet prying eyes staring back at her from the background.

The background itself covers the entirety of the canvas, emphasizing the prominence of these curious eyes. Bold strokes of vivid red, yellow, orange, blue, and other vibrant hues create a tapestry of color that adds depth and intrigue to the painting. With perfect balance and a thoughtful arrangement, the colors harmonize to form an aesthetically appealing masterpiece.


“Freedom” encapsulates a profound message within its visually captivating composition. Through the use of vibrant colors, symmetrical patterns, and enigmatic elements, this painting serves as a reminder that while the modern-day woman embraces her freedom, there will always be inquisitive eyes watching her every move.

About my Series: “We Two Together”

“Painting is another way of keeping a Diary” Pablo Picasso. The quote by Pablo Picasso holds immense influence over my figurative paintings. In today’s digital age, where information is readily available at the click of a button, our lives and relationships have undergone a significant transformation. The pages of my life’s diary are filled with experiences of evolving relationships, which I strive to portray through my artwork.

Motivated to stay in stride with the changing world, my artistic focus primarily revolves around the contemporary woman of today. This modern-day woman is a symbol of versatility, fuelled by independence and self-attained equilibrium. She is complete, flawless, and self-sufficient in every aspect and challenge that life presents. Free from the constraints that hold her back, she has the power to realize her true self.

By consistently simplifying the form, I have crafted a universal, absolute figure that represents and relates to all women, irrespective of their differences and peculiarities. The protagonists in my artworks transcend boundaries and divisions, uniting and amalgamating all women through a shared, common soul. This interconnectedness brings women together as a collective force.

Rendered in a controlled and mature color palette, the strong, modern women in my paintings make no attempt to hide or shy away. I consciously choose to refrain from incorporating ornamental accessories and excessive details. This intentional ambiguity enhances the universal appeal of the form, making it relatable to women from all walks of life.

Within my paintings, women are depicted willingly surrendering themselves to boundless affection in some instances, while in others, they emotionally detach themselves from relationships devoid of respect and freedom. Regardless of their choices regarding relationships, these women excel at refraining from pretence and superficial living. Their authenticity shines through their actions.

Fundamentally believing in the equality of gender, I recognize that men and women are integral parts of each other’s lives. However, it remains a well-known fact that women have been historically deprived of their rights and, most importantly, their respect. As a woman myself, I have always strived to give women the importance they truly deserve. Therefore, they take center stage and occupy the most prominent positions in my artworks.

To symbolize the pursuit of perfection within the modern human race, I employ symmetrical forms like squares, rectangles, checks, and butterflies to cover the human figures in my paintings. These geometric shapes represent the desire for flawlessness and balance, encapsulating the aspirations and struggles we all face as individuals striving for fulfillment.

In each stroke of my brush, I aim to create a vivid portrayal of the contemporary woman – powerful, resilient, and unapologetically herself. Through my figurative paintings, I hope to evoke emotions, challenge norms, and ignite a dialogue that encapsulates the essence of being a woman in the present era.


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