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Beautiful Young Woman 4


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Material & Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 1 inches (W x H x D – unframed)
Year of make: 2019
Signature: Bottom Right
Shipping Profile: In a Cardboard Box. Ready to Hang. (Stretched but Unframed) Shipped in approx. 3 working days via a reliable and tracked courier.

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About my painting “Beautiful Young Woman 4”

“Beautiful Young Woman 4” isn’t just a simple representation of a young woman. No, it’s more than that. It’s a voyage into the magic and magnificence that emerges when a melange of warm hues collides with a cream-brown background, where the detailed portrait of a beautiful woman gives you a sense of her presence, her elegance, and her brimming self-confidence.

The Muse in the Centre — The Beautiful Young Woman

At the heart of it all is the soul-stirring lady herself – glowing with beauty and vibrancy. She doesn’t merely occupy the canvas, she commands it, leaving you no choice but to be captivated by her presence.

Cloaked in warm hues such as deep reds, candid yellows, and earthy browns, she doesn’t just fill the space—she amplifies it. But it’s not just the colors that matter. As in any great performance, it’s how she’s sitting in the frame, seemingly articulated in a balance of horizontal and vertical lines, patterned with a theme of checks which is my signature style.

Through her, we’re celebrating the boldness and the beauty of the modern woman.

Conveying Posture and Expression

A painting is good, but a painting that conveys expressions and an elegant posture? That’s golden. This beautiful young woman isn’t just sitting there. She holds herself high, exuding grace from every angle and exhibiting an aura of confidence that can be felt even from a distance.

Her elegant posture and expressive gaze go beyond mere aesthetics. They’re a testament to the boldness and strength that lies within every woman. This painting is not just for admiring, it’s a celebration of the female spirit and the inherent beauty that each woman possesses.

You see, she isn’t just a protagonist in a painting. She’s a symbol of the quintessential woman of today: she’s beautiful, she’s bold, she’s confident, and she’s not afraid to manifest her desires. She is everything a woman can be, and everything a woman should be.

More Than Meets the Eye

But let’s take a step back and go into the artistic details. What you see isn’t just a random confluence of lines. These lines are orchestrated meticulously, horizontally and vertically, calculatedly crafting a unique, riveting pattern of checks. And that pattern is a veil that not only encompasses her but also symbolizes the complex, oftentimes contradictory facets of modern femininity.

To the untrained eye, the checks might appear random. But to me, they’re a symphony of geometric symbolism, an illustration of the chaos that only adds to her allure, an homage to the enthralling complexities of womanhood.

A Square-Shaped Modern Masterpiece

Picture this. You’re standing in front of a contemporary painting, which is quite atypically square—quite distinct from the common rectangle—a deviation which for me, is part of the appeal. It’s like a puzzle piece fallen from an otherworldly jigsaw, daring to test the norms.

Eschewing the canvas’ conventional boundaries, the square shape articulates a unique visual experience, pushing the envelope on your perceptions, coaxing your eyes to look beyond the familiar, and challenging your mind with its unconventional approach. You’re not just observing the painting; you’re diving into a truly immersive exploration.

About my series “The Bold and Beautiful”

Through this series, I aim to capture not only the aesthetic allure of the female form but also the intricate dynamics of love and romance shared by couples deeply in love. With a modern-day woman as the focal point, these artworks celebrate her inherent beauty, while also embracing her boldness in expressing her wants and desires. Within these frames, I delve into the delightful nuances of teasing, playful interactions, and the captivating games of love.

The female form has long been admired and celebrated throughout the history of art. In “The Bold and Beautiful,” my paintings pay homage to this timeless subject, reimagining it with a contemporary twist. Each brushstroke reflects the curvatures, lines, and intricacies that make the female body an exquisite masterpiece on its own. By accentuating the aesthetic allure of each figure, I aim to invoke a sense of appreciation for the elegance and grace that the female form embodies.

In today’s society, women are no longer restricted by traditional expectations or societal norms. The modern woman exudes confidence and fearlessly expresses her wants and desires. Within my paintings, I embrace this boldness, portraying women who are unafraid to embrace their sensuality and take charge of their own lives. Their unabashed confidence is evident in their posture and expressions.

Through the series “The Bold and Beautiful,” my paintings offer a visual journey into the captivating world of love, romance, and the beauty of the female form. By celebrating the modern woman’s boldness, I encourage viewers to embrace their own desires and express themselves without reservation. These artworks serve as a reminder of the profound emotions and delightful interactions that infuse love with its magic. Step into the realm of “The Bold and Beautiful” and allow yourself to be captivated by the allure of love’s untamed spirit.

To symbolize the pursuit of perfection within the modern human race, I employ symmetrical forms like squares, rectangles, checks, and butterflies to cover the human figures in my paintings. These geometric shapes represent the desire for flawlessness and balance, encapsulating the aspirations and struggles we all face as individuals striving for fulfillment.

Beautiful Young Woman 4, figurative artist, art online shop, artist painting, art commission prices


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